Welkom tekst

We now ship to the following countries:
Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland.

Please see our homepage for the current situation regarding shipping moments.

The shipping costs for these countries:
The Netherlands:
Parcels that fit in the mailbox: € 5.00 shipping costs.
All other shipments: € 6.00 shipping costs.
Delivery time approximately one weekday after dispatch.

Shipping costs for all other countries, all shipments:
Belgium:          €  7 ,00
Germany:         €  7.00
Denmark:        € 13.00
France:           € 11.00
Luxembourg:   € 11.00
Austria:            € 11.00
Sweden:          € 17.00
Switzerland:     € 22.00

Delivery times range from 2 to 5 Weekdays after dispatch.

Delivery times are approximate. There can be various reasons for deviations.

Wim and Nora,  your hosts.