About HotTeapots.com, Teacosyshop.nl
and Wim and Nora

Wim and Nora greet you

Some words about our values:

We love what we do!

What started as a hobby way back in 2003 has been our full time passion until end of October 2023.  We have now gone into (semi)retirement and only sell tea cozies online via this webshop.  As we find these products a great addition to every home. 
We loved to find solutions for our customers. Just the right tableware with the tea that you (will) love.
We thrive(d) on happy customers.

We care about our products and the environment!

We ship to several countries.  This means we have to use adequate packaging to make sure you get your products in perfect condition.
We also aim to use no more packaging than needed and what we use needs to be as sustainable as possible.

HotTeapots.com - store in Doetinchem

You can no longer visit our store, but we wanted to give you an impression of it anyway. 

About our store

In September 2009  we opened our store and became "multichannel" after having been a pure online store since 2003.  In October 2023 our store closed for the last time and now we are back to be a pure internet company with limited assortment and only a few countries that we deliver to.  Regretfully we had to stop shipping to countries outside the European Union. 

We did enjoy each visit from one of our many new or repeat customers.  We enjoyed giving advice and making sure you leave with products that you can enjoy or give with confidence. 

We stocked well over 2000 products from large well known brands to niche items that we just felt that need to be part of our offering.  This is now reduced to about 70 different tea cozies. 

We wish you all the best. 

The Team

Wim Varwik

Wim Varwijk

Your host and owner: Wim

My career started in food retail many years ago.  I since spend many years in IT and was in Procurement for over 15 years as well. 

In the early 2000's I decided that we should have a personal website. We showed our teapot-collection to the World and soon became teapot sellers in May 2003 .  From there our business progressed, initially as a side line but over time as full time activity with the store and online business we run since 2009. Now, late 2023 we have reverted back to selling online only to a limited number of countries.   

Nora Varwik

Nora Varwijk

Your host: Nora

I did a study in garden design and still today I am looking at any garden with an eye for improvements.  I love to spend time outdoors in general and gardens in particular. .  

I made a long career in IT for many years during which I also met Wim. In recent years I have been spending all my time in our business.  I love speding time on merchandising in our store.  On a daily basis my priority was focussed on customer services as well as fullfilment.  Going into (semi-) retirement I am looking forward to spend as much time as possible in our new garden.  

Wim and Nora,  your hosts.